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Sora/Riku Forever

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Sora/Riku Forever

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Г екатеринбург секс знакомства [Aug. 23rd, 2012|05:41 am]
Sora/Riku Forever

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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2012|05:29 pm]
Sora/Riku Forever

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[KH Doujinshi] - 2 Stories Preview [Dec. 2nd, 2011|06:58 pm]
Sora/Riku Forever


2 Doujinshi Preview that I'd like you to voice which one to write first :)
1/ Title: Saving
Pairing: RikuSora (sub: AxelRoxas)
Rate: PG

Genre: Romance/Adventure
Summary: Sora saves a Nobody, Riku from killing himself. Riku is led to a light in Sora, but Organization XIII wants Riku with them and will do anything for that.

2/ Squandered Opportunity
Pairing: RikuSora (sub: AxelRoxas)
Rate: PG

Genre: Romance/Angst
Stolen from his life, Sora thought being auctioned in the black market was the worst thing that could happen to him. But when Riku bought him, Sora was read between the lines of what had gone wrong and what was starting to go right. Meanwhile, Roxas struggled the burden of the Organization's member while trying to get back to his brother.
Thanks :)
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[Doujinshi] KH - Will (Riku/Sora) [Nov. 25th, 2011|06:04 pm]
Sora/Riku Forever

Title: Will
Pairing: RikuSora (sub: AxelRoxas)
Rate: PG
Summary: Riku reflects about what Xion said to him (358/2days)
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KH(RikuSora) Fanfic : Squandered Opportunity & Saving [Nov. 8th, 2011|07:10 pm]
Sora/Riku Forever

Hello every KH Yaoi fans out there. While I'm working on KH doujins, thought I'd post the fanfic out first:
Title: Squandered Opportunity

Summary: Stolen from his life and parted from his twin brother, Sora thought being auctioned in the black market was the worst thing that could have happened to him. But when Riku was the one who bought him, Sora was read between the lines of what was messed up and everything was all right.
Meanwhile, Roxas fell into the organization's hands. Aided by Axel, he thrived his way to get his brother back while being forced to hold the duty of Number XIII.
Main: RikuxSora, Side: AxelxRoxas.
Rating: T with some angst and drama.
Title: Saving
Full Summary: A Nobody-vampire Riku was tired of his immortal life and was about to burn himself under the sun, was unwillingly saved by the mortal Sora. Riku was led to the light within Sora. While they started to remember their prior encounter years ago, Riku's darkness began to take its toll on Sora.
Meanwhile, Riku was forced with a heavy burden to save his race and the worlds from Organization XIII, who wished to overthrow the original Nobodies' master. Thinking it would be best, he parted from Sora. But Sora was determined to find Riku even if it meant going to the ends of the world.
Main: RikuxSora. Side: AxelxRoxas. Slight: RoxasxSora (brotherly, Roxas's got this brother complex thingy).
Rating: T
The two are soon to be Doujinshi J I'd like to know which one should I go first, let me know pls?
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[Fanart] Kingdom Hearts: Sora Halloween 2011 [Oct. 30th, 2011|08:33 pm]
Sora/Riku Forever

Yes, so after I've done the very first entry of my KH LJ page and just noticed that oh, what I've done is only Sora. Not yaoi, and there's no Sora fan community here in LJ, then ah! Where should I go. Yet, my LJ page is soon to come with Y stuffs, RikuSora, AxelRoxas and all. Hope it's okay to post it here. It'd be a waste since no one's visiting my page unless I post them in community ^^"
So I just want to wish your all a Happy Halloween with my fanart XD

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The OH ~ Riku/Sora MEME [Mar. 19th, 2011|05:27 pm]
Sora/Riku Forever

[Current Mood |dorky]

Hello, lovely people !

As much as all of you should have noticed; this fandom has been (sadly) pretty dead lately.
So I thought... Sharing the love would be a good idea... maybe

A girl on dA (Original template is HERE) made a meme I'd like to share with you <:   I hope you do it too! It'd be so much fun!
I know we all love this pairing so, why don't spread the love?

Warning; Big file, this may contain some NFSW, ranting over Kairi and ugly + messy draws : (

The OH~ Riku/Sora Meme; mishy"s versionCollapse )

I have to apologize for the bad english here. I'm really sorry.
I hope you enjoy it anyway. <:

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(no subject) [Mar. 14th, 2011|02:41 am]
Sora/Riku Forever

Sora x Riku :3 drawing by me.

(Sora tops)
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